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Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department at GIFT University works to manage and administer all the management and faculty staff members of the university campus. The HR department is providing efficient services for the hiring, grading, promoting, structuring, salary, attendance management, records maintenance, faculty development, policy development, employee’s assistance, employee’s rewards, and leave management process.

The HR department at GIFT University is focused to provide a sustainable work environment to attract, inspire, and reward its employees for the retention of its exceptional employees. 

HR Vision

The Human Resource Department of GIFT University envisions a dynamic and inclusive workplace, driving growth through people-centric strategies that prioritize well-being, wellness, and equal opportunities. We are committed to fostering innovation, enabling individuals to thrive, and ultimately contributing effectively to the University’s lasting success and meaningful contribution to society’s development.

HR Mission

  • Promoting and recruiting the best-qualified personnel, and recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity at the workplace.
  • Utilizing the full potential of our workforce by training and development for career enhancement.
  • Enabling the latest technology in teaching, research, and administration.
  • Setting up mechanisms and policies to ensure sustainable career growth.

Our Team

Ayesha Adnan

Director Human Resource Development

Muqaddas Firdous

Deputy Director Human Resource & Coordination

Bilal Sarwar

Manager Human Resource & Operations

Ali Akbar

Manager Compensations & Benefits

Faiza Mateeh Ullah

Assistant Manager HR & Coordination


Executive HR & Coordination


Department: Human Resources
Postal Address: GIFT University, Near GIFT University Chowk, Gujranwala- 52250
Phone: +92 55 111 900 100
Fax: +92 55 3890266